Saturday, December 29, 2012

Year's end: Smile !

Via Flickr:
Send Me On My Way Rusted Root

Smiling is free ,
Smile is painfree,
Smiling can make life easier,
Smile can cheer the world !!

Life has not been always easy for everyone. For me neither. Just like a wheel, we go upside and down with pain and joy, sorrow and happiness. To celebrate the year's end, I would like to invite everybody to close the year 2012 and face the new year 2013 with ....SMILE, for whatever it is !!!

Have a cheerful day and enjoy your weekend ! :))

Location: Arc de Triomphe ( on the top of)
Background: Eiffel Tower, Paris.
Models: Amandine, Béa and Solène.

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